New Website


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Ok, I can’t believe that I made a rookie mistake here but I did. Last year I finally got my own website up and running with I love my new look and I ported my blog into it so that everything would be cohesive. What I stupidly did not realize is that my blog is also still here and I’m assuming none of you lovely people get notified when I post anymore. My new website is and you can find all my new content there! I’d love it if you’d join me!


Rock the Shot – Still Life Flowers


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When I saw that the March Photo Challenge on is Floral Still Life my mind immediately started racing. It was hard to pick one but I finally did! I just love the soft greens and yellows of these daffodils. The emerald green vase with gold accents is sooooo perfect. I need to permanently borrow this back from my Mom!

Happy first day of Spring! Hopefully the flowers will be poking up soon and the weather will spike above the mid-thirties. I can’t wait!!!



Winter Birthdays


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March_13_kids-4I haven’t been taking nearly as many pictures of my kids in the last six months as I was last summer. With all the new things going on here, and not having multiple acres of woods out (Mom and Dad’s) back door I just haven’t been as inspired. Last night I was looking through some pictures from the last two months and pulled out a few cute ones from their birthdays.


Jasmine dressed herself as a princess for her birthday! Her requests were a Hello Kitty cake (she switched from Thor at the last minute) and everything pink.March_13_kids

Connor wanted chocolate cake and construction vehicles!March_13_kids-5



March_13_kids-10I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera when I saw Jazzy reading in the playroom window during rest one afternoon. My little lady!

Now it’s time for the spring flowers. I am ready for warm weather!


Going Home to Roost – Join the Tribe!


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I discovered Bonnie Christine’s blog “Going Home to Roost” about a month and a half ago as I was reading the Winter issue of Somerset Life. Her cheerful and colorful patterns grabbed my attention right away and I knew I would be visiting her blog as soon as I got back to my computer! Needless to say, it did not disappoint. I quickly noticed the banner announcing the new “Roost Tribe” membership. Being naturally curious, I clicked and found myself reading this lovely banner.

bannerImmediately I start thinking, “hmm, five dollars I can afford that. I wonder what you get?” Scrolling down the page I saw printable cards and tags, seamless patterns, e-books, Illustrator tutorials, recipes and more. Lets be honest here, when I read the words “e-book” and “illustrator tutorials” I knew I wanted it! I made myself wait a week until payday to join just to practice self-control, but I love all the inspiring things that arrive in my inbox on Fridays! Here are a few snapshots of past goodies to get you drooling.

CardA gorgeous printable card. Seriously, Bonnie’s Tribe members will be bringing the post office into the black! Who doesn’t want to give or get one of these?

RoostTribe_SaladI’ll admit, this recipe includes a few veggies that I’m not best friends with but I’m willing to make up with them just to see this beautiful explosion of color on my plate. Yum!



In short, I am a proud member of the Roost Tribe! If you love getting exclusive and beautiful goodies like these you can head over here to subscribe. To get a sneak peak at the fabulous content from a previous month click here.

Well it’s time for me to go to bed before I fall asleep and start typing gibberish with my face. . . Let me know what you think of Bonnie’s awesome blog!





Etsy Love: Valentine’s Edition


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Ok, so I know it’s kind of late to actually buy anything online for Valentine’s Day but I think it’s still worth looking at a few of the beautiful handmade gifts out there!

redCards1). A fun and quirky take on a Valentine heart card by Illustree.  2). I would definitely send this funny card by sweetharvey to my husband! 3). Of course we can’t forget to include elegant letterpress calligraphy by ParrottDesignStudio. 4). Last but certainly not least is the oh-so-gorgeous painted card from thewheatfieldThis one would be my choice if you’re sending me Valentine wishes!


Red is always beautiful, but how about these shades of peachy pink for a change? 1). A dreamy pink light overlays a romantic view of paris – perfect art for your dressing room – in a fine art photograph by KathyFornal. 2).Step out in style when you’re sporting these coral print leggings from ZIBtextileI think I need these! 3). An eye-catching ombre necklace from elfinadesign makes a statement!4). Don’t forget your other best friend during the season of love! Give your pet a cute dish from Magicpots

creamAnd for those of you who prefer neutrals to the girly shades, there’s plenty of treasures to be found. 1). Keep your wardrobe both cozy and cute with this asymmetrical cardigan from Bartinki. 2). Simple but elegant, the soft white petals of this flower on a natural linen pillow case from JillianReneDecor will bring a dash of rustic beauty to your decor. 3). Soft white roses are kissed by the morning sun in this gorgeous photo by leapinggazelle. These lovely blooms will never fade! 4). Celebrate simple beauty and hot drinks on a cold day with these vintage mugs from TwoStoryVintage.

Whether you go big or not at all on your Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity to tell your friends and family how much you love them. A hug is more heartfelt than $30 chocolates!

heartI’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Jazzy from Valentine’s Day a few years ago. Have a blessed week.


Favorite Picture of 2012


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Here’s my entry for the January Rock the Shot Forum Photo Challenge: Favorite Picture of 2012!

Shadows_Jazzy-2I love the poignant feel of this picture. How often in life do we feel like a child reaching for something that’s over our heads. To me it represents that desire in us to stretch and grow and reach the next milestone so we can set a new one! What are you reaching for this year?

– Erin


Somerset Life


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SomersetLifeAs some of you may already know, I have three photos in the Winter 2013 issue of Somerset Life! If you don’t have a copy of the magazine I’ve posted a few pictures here.


These are available as prints in my Etsy shop – just click on the picture to see the listing!






Thanks to the editors at Somerset Life for including me and producing such lovely publications. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this magazine – it’s chock full of gorgeousness!

I hope you all have a great weekend.



Happy New Year!


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Shadows_Jazzy-5  Looking back over 2012 it’s been a crazy year. We went into it planning to move to SC in the fall for Bible School. We put our house on the market and packed most of our stuff. Then God closed that door and opened a new one here, so we stayed and instead Adam started a new job in teaching/IT and I started homeschooling and teaching HS Photography.

Shadows_Jazzy-3We struggled throughout the year to cope with Adam’s declining health but God sustained us throughout. At this point we believe it’s a type of degenerative arthritis and not the fibromyalgia we once thought. At least now we are expecting there to be constant levels of pain, and to not be overly discouraged on the bad days. I thank God for giving me the strength to sustain our everyday life when Adam is out of commission, and that I still have my best friend by my side with his quirky sense of humor and passion for life!

Shadows_JazzyWe’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other teachers this year so far, and our super cool students of course! It’s great to be a part of such a fun and supportive community.

Shadows_Jazzy-2As for me, I am super excited for 2013! I am getting ready to officially roll out three new fine art products: jewelry, coasters and magnets. I will start posting the new collections in my Etsy shop in January!

I’m also going to be published in two magazines, which is still sinking in!! Details will be coming soon!

Despite it’s ups and downs 2012 was a year of growth and stretching, which has brought me here. I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Happy New Year and Blessings to you all!

– Erin






It’s cider season!


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Last week I took the kiddos to an Amish farm to make cider! We have gone before, but at this point I don’t think either of them remembered it. I documented our afternoon in pictures to share here. I hope you enjoy them! A view of the farm – gorgeous! The kids thought the chopper was too loud. I couldn’t get Connor to stand still for a picture.

The cider press! 

One of our boxes of feshly pressed cider! This batch is a little tart which I love.

Here’s a view of the railroad we cross to get to the farm. Such gorgeous countryside. Enjoy your weekend and the fall colors!

The arrival of fall


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“Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!”  – Robert Louis Stevenson, 1885




Fall is my absolute favorite season! I can’t wait until the leaves start turning again. Until then, enjoy the nippy weather!

-Erin B