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I’ve been wanting to print something at Moo for a while. I love all their products but I didn’t have the money or need until recently. I decided that with the christmas season coming up I should make some bookmarks to sell or give as gifts. Many people use the mini cards as bookmarks but I was looking for a way to do a more standard 2 x 6. After thinking about it I decided I would make use of Moo’s postcards. I sorted through thousands of photos to pick the 40 that I thought would make the best bookmarks and arranged them in Photoshop, two images per postcard.

When they arrived I was thrilled to see how gorgeous they looked. They are super high quality heavy paper with a fabulous glossy coating. All I had to do was turn them into my final product. Each card was cut, punched and threaded with a coordinating ribbon. I have to say I am notorious for not using bookmarks even though I read voraciously, however after seeing these I think I want to keep them all!  Perfect stocking stuffers or small gifts for any occasion, these are a great way to add a dash of beauty and art to your everyday life. I will be adding them to my Etsy shop so be ready to snap up your favorites! I’m looking forward to coming up with new images to add to the next round of printing from Moo!

<a href=”http://moo.com/link/h3fq&#8221; title=”MOO: Much more than Business Cards” alt=”Inspiration – moo.com”><img src=”http://www.moo.com/is/o/cb412815-2149-558545ee-4c876727-f64e.jpeg”></a&gt;