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Mmmmmmm breakfast – I’m a huge breakfast fan! Usually I just eat a bowl of cereal in the morning, but breakfast foods are great any time of day. Waffles, pancakes, french toast, coffee cake, breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, omelets, chocolate cream of wheat. . .I’m making myself hungry now, but you get the picture. In the last few weeks I’ve had some trouble getting Connor to eat much breakfast, particularly things that I don’t have to cook first. Since Adam moved to his new early morning schedule at work, I’ve been making granola again so that he has something to eat on his morning coffee break. All the sudden I remembered how we used to eat muesli in Nepal and how Dad still mixes his with yogurt and fruit. To make ours, I mixed equal parts Vanilla and Plain yogurt, added a handful of granola and topped it off with a few slices of fresh strawberry and home canned peaches. Hurray! Both kids loved it! (I did too.)

Something I’ve been wanting to work on lately is some recipe cards with cool photos of food on them. I thought a recipe for granola was the perfect opportunity to “have a go at it”, as Jasmine likes to say! To print the recipe, click on the image which will open it in it’s own window. Right click and “save image”, so you can print it however you prefer from your computer. The document is sized at 4×6.