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Well that month went quickly-yikes! We’ve had incredible amounts of rain here in Ohio, and it’s been relatively cold all month, so naturally our flowers are a little behind. Our tulips are still blooming and the lilacs just popped. The upside is that it’s also a lush green jungle now that we’ve had a few warm sunny days. (The picture above is from a walk we took in the woods at Mom and Dad’s on Easter weekend). We’re getting ready to dig into gardening and outdoor projects now :D. I think this year we’ll diversify the plantings a little. Last summer we had way more tomatoes and peppers than we needed. The chest freezer is still fairly well stocked with frozen corn, green beans, applesauce, jam, apple cider, strawberries, peppers and a few tomatoes. I guess we have some eating to do before we start putting up again!

Good news – I remembered to do the May calendar page! Jasmine picked out the photo for me and I think it was a good choice. I’ve decided to try a new look and go with square photos, which I really like. When the month is over you can cut it off at the little gray lines on the sides and have a 4×4 print to frame or put on a card as a lovely little gift!

To print the calendar, click on the image which will open it in it’s own window. Right click and “save image”, so you can print it however you prefer from your computer. The document is sized at 4×6. This is a non-editable file for personal use only. Let me know if this method works well for you or if I should be looking for a new one. Thanks!