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My lovely Mother’s birthday is in the beginning of December, which is easy to lose somewhat in the busy holiday season. This year, since we now spend three days a week at their house while Adam’s working in the shop with Dad, I decided that we should have a fancy dinner. At first I thought I’d do a red and gold table since the centerpiece was already there, but those are the colors I’m planning for Christmas dinner at our house. I found the dark green tablecloth and the smaller plaid one and at that point it became a Tartan Christmas Birthday.

The best way to build the table was to add layers of color and texture without making it too busy. I started with a forest green tablecloth, then added the dark green plaid cloth next, finished with a small green and gold embroidered runner. The centerpiece is a small ruby red vase with holly berries and frosty white greenery.

The plates are a simple but woodsy pattern with dark green borders. At first I thought the olive patterned napkins would clash, but the other options were much too busy, and since they weren’t touching the tablecloth it worked visually. Layered  on top is a cut glass bowl topped with a spray of pine and a sprig of holly.

To finish the look each person got a (non-matching) china teacup! Because no meal is complete without several cups of tea.