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Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten to rediscover some of my favorite moments of childhood. Growing up on an 85 acre tree farm with three girl cousins of stair-stepping age, we spent most of our days adventuring through the woods. We were princesses escaping to save our kingdoms, adventurers discovering new lands, and wanderers trying to survive in the wilderness. Our favorite spots got fanciful names and permanent footpaths.

One day at Mom and Dad’s I took Connor for a walk down the foggy lane and he was hooked!

Ever since he wants to go on walks every day we’re at Grandma’s. The second walk we took Sissy and explored some logs off the side of the lane.

The third time I took them down the steep hill to walk the (currently) dry creek bed,  which fascinated them. Connor got to do his favorite activity – throwing rocks into puddles, Jasmine collected bits of moss and rocks for “science,” and Mommy got to take pictures!


On our third walk we teamed up with Grandma to go through the woods to the creek and hike up it for a while (yes our pants and shoes were quite wet)!

Whoa, check that out, Mom!

This week it’s supposed to be quite warm here so I’m hoping to explore a little farther into the woods. We haven’t been to The Park, The Sylvan, or The Ruins in the south woods yet!