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I discovered Bonnie Christine’s blog “Going Home to Roost” about a month and a half ago as I was reading the Winter issue of Somerset Life. Her cheerful and colorful patterns grabbed my attention right away and I knew I would be visiting her blog as soon as I got back to my computer! Needless to say, it did not disappoint. I quickly noticed the banner announcing the new “Roost Tribe” membership. Being naturally curious, I clicked and found myself reading this lovely banner.

bannerImmediately I start thinking, “hmm, five dollars I can afford that. I wonder what you get?” Scrolling down the page I saw printable cards and tags, seamless patterns, e-books, Illustrator tutorials, recipes and more. Lets be honest here, when I read the words “e-book” and “illustrator tutorials” I knew I wanted it! I made myself wait a week until payday to join just to practice self-control, but I love all the inspiring things that arrive in my inbox on Fridays! Here are a few snapshots of past goodies to get you drooling.

CardA gorgeous printable card. Seriously, Bonnie’s Tribe members will be bringing the post office into the black! Who doesn’t want to give or get one of these?

RoostTribe_SaladI’ll admit, this recipe includes a few veggies that I’m not best friends with but I’m willing to make up with them just to see this beautiful explosion of color on my plate. Yum!



In short, I am a proud member of the Roost Tribe! If you love getting exclusive and beautiful goodies like these you can head over here to subscribe. To get a sneak peak at the fabulous content from a previous month click here.

Well it’s time for me to go to bed before I fall asleep and start typing gibberish with my face. . . Let me know what you think of Bonnie’s awesome blog!