My Story

Photography is my creative passion.  I love looking through the camera, composing a picture and knowing that a moment in time or a piece of our beautiful earth can be preserved forever through that photo.

Erin Beutel

Photo courtesy of Kim Glick.

When I was growing up my family were missionaries in Nepal for 5 years. It’s a fantastic country. A juxtaposition of stunning landscapes and dirty cities. But it was rich in culture. We loved living there. I learned to look at things differently then. Little things were interesting, beauty could be found in the most unusual places.We spent our childhood outside, building fires, climbing trees, trekking in the mountains. We got to pet leopards at the zoo and saw wild, possibly rabid ones in our backyard. We drank water buffalo milk and ate yak cheese. We had rapid conversations switching between two languages until we got confused and answered the wrong people in the wrong one.

The other part of my childhood was spent mostly at “The Woods.” It’s an 85 acre tree farm jointly owned by my mother and her siblings. When we were little half of the family lived there. My cousins and I spent hours running barefoot through the woods. We’d play in the creek, climb trees, drink from the springs, and pretend we were princesses captured by evil wizards and forced to be servants until our princes (or brothers) came to rescue us! It was the best childhood I could imagine.

After we came back to the USA,  my Mom gave me my first camera; a very old and great Pentax SLR. I was about 16 then. I loved taking pictures with it. I documented family trips to Colorado, Michigan, and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Not many were of us, mostly just the scenery.


1 thought on “My Story”

  1. Hi Erin!

    It’s Rachel (roomies, 8th grade :)) I just happened across your website. You are so talented! These photos are beautiful! You always were really artistic.

    Glad to hear you’re expecting again! My husband and I are expecting our second little boy in February.

    Just wanted to say I love your photos — I’ll be dropping by to look at new ones from time to time. Tell the family I said hello.


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